Exaggerated acting, cliché stories, a bad ending, and a simple order achieved by minimizing and artificializing the world we live in. So what made this story love for thousands of people and kept it on the agenda for weeks?


The playground set up is like the artificialized version of the world we live in. Managers, soldiers, workers, those who cooperate with soldiers and workers and earn money illegally, and the manager who manages all these people, the men we have not seen who also manage that manager. On the one hand, the meaningless bets these men make with money, luxury and excesses, on the other hand, people who give their lives for money… We can say a small world order. In this order, we see ourselves in the place of those actors, which is how we internalize the story.


One of the rare things that many people can empathize with one another might be lack of money. From the first episode, we see that people get into debt for various reasons and they have no chance to improve their financial situation, which has become inextricable. In other words, as viewers, we also give them their rights. We understand this irrational decision made and we support the character throughout the series to earn that money.


Throughout the series, so many contradictory things were used together. But this contrast added a very nice atmosphere to the series rather than being an unpleasant thing.

For example, the fact that people can die when they are eliminated while playing a children’s game or when licking a candy… such as the slow and relaxing music playing in the background while all this is happening or the colors and language used in the playground. The list goes on. In fact, if we go back to the first item I said, the things that separate the world we live in and the game world do not go beyond some small differences and the death penalty.


For example, the most impressive detail for me is the fact that the games are actually painted on the walls of the dormitory, despite all the things the players did to learn the other game. I was very surprised to learn that these pictures I saw had been there since the beginning of the series when the whole picture came out with the beds falling one by one. It is not surprising that this detail, which I could not notice as a viewer, was not noticed by the characters in the series. And it was a nice detail.


It was a drama that exposed our weaknesses to love and hold on to someone, as well as our financial weaknesses. In addition, the series draws people in with the things that the characters, who are in an inextricable situation despite everything, give up and risk to reach their goal.

This series, which left a good impression with all these details and dragged them after it, made a finale that surprised the audience. Although the producer said that he did not think about the second season, the series ended with many question marks.
Did the man in the black mask really kill his brother? Or did he let her escape with a minor wound? (The second possibility is more likely.) Why does the old man who says he wants to play children’s games before he dies, does this by killing people and turning it into a pastime? (moreover, since 1999.)
Why didn’t the main character get on the plane? Or are we going to watch the main character rise in the game as part of the order while trying to prove that the main character is not a racehorse but a human in the new season?

Or will the producer leave the audience disappointed with the final episode?

let’s wait and see..



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